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If you look beyond profiting well and also investing in companies that help develop our country, you have come to the right place!

Why leave your money in investments where you do not know who is benefiting from it?

Explore our investment product, apart from your money receiving the best return rates on the market, it will be used to finance companies that have socio-environmental responsibility, in other words, companies that really help building a sustainable country.

In our online platform you can make investments, withdraw these funds and also know the companies that are benefited with your capital. All this in a simple, fast and transparent way!

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Profitability greater than 140% * of CDI on debentures issued by Openbox

Withdraw in a short term

Return of your capital within 30 days after the withdraw order

Social and
Environmental Responsibility

Your money being invested in companies that contribute to the sustainable development of the country.

Innovative Platform

Intuitive online platform to operate with total visibility your investment portfolio.

*The amount may be lower if the agreed minimum period has not been met


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