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Openbox is a smart credit solution fintech!

Our main product is the advance of receivables for companies in need of capital. We also have other credit solutions which can make a difference to your business.

We are quite unique. We unite the potential of artificial intelligence with human knowledge, acquired through years of market experience, to help developing our country's economy in a fair and sustainable way.

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In Need of Capital?

If your company is committed to the development of your country, you are qualified to operate with us.

We offer a new and different way of doing business: we give you the control over your final discount rate, along with important tips on how to adjust it, besides the transparency throughout this whole process.

We want to partner with your company in this journey of developing our country!

Do you want to invest?

Why leave your money in applications where you do not know who is benefiting from it?

We are transparent, when choosing to invest with us you are choosing to support companies that are truly committed to making your contry better.

Your capital, in addition to being monetized above the market average, will serve a greater purpose: to stimulate the development of companies with social and environmental responsibility.

In other words, with Openbox you will have full visibility of the companies in which your money is being used.

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